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We were briefed by client Lendlease to brand and market a new place to live and work, comprised of six distinct new neighbourhoods. In Deptford, a corner of London close to the river, known for its edgy, cool vibe, and increasingly becoming a hot-spot for younger first time buyers. The site itself also sat on the route of what was once the Grand Surrey Canal, inspiring Lend Lease to design a new central watercourse flowing through the heart of the site.

The first challenge was to name the overall scheme. With Timberyard chosen in reference to the shipbuilding history of the site, and to also embue it with a cool post industrial vibe that would appeal to target buyers. At the same time we also named the central watercourse ‘The Waterline’ and each individual neighbourhood.

A wordmark and identity were then created, inspired by the way in which sections of timber are branded after being cut to size and shape. This same approach was applied to the creation of an overall design style, by combining the raw authenticity of raw cut timber, with bright, contemporary colours. To create central design device that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of an area known for its genuine sense of originality and optimism. This was then applied across all key applications, including the site hoarding, host brochure and advertising. With the host brochure illuminating a story of an inspiring new place to live and work, at the heart of an area rich in history but at the same time energised by its bright future.

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Timberyard brochure Timberyard brochure Timberyard brochure Timberyard brochure Timberyard brochure Timberyard brochure

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