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Content can be king

Creating engaging conversations with customers

Senior gentleman sitting in a cafe in the city

Seniors in the city

How senior living can invigorate urban residential developments

Placebrand comment-how was work today?

How was work today?

Creating a new kind of work experience

Plymouth locomotive

Only say it if you mean it

The benefit and discipline of market positioning

Build to rent to brand

Build to rent to brand

Placebrand Comment Thinking outside the Amazon box

Thinking outside the ‘Amazon’ box

A healthy future for residential fitness facilities?

A healthy future for residential fitness facilities?

Step into the green room

Step into the green room

The value of nature in developing new places

The business of placemaking

The business of placemaking

Why placemaking needs to be viewed differently

Elemental Store - Miami

Paint it and they will come

The role of art in regeneration

Chicken hatching an egg

What comes first – marketing or the product?

Why you should start with your customer

Curved building in Barcelona

Curve in the city

The role of organic design in urban locations

placebrand-comment The rise of the third space

The rise of ‘the third space’

Stylish senior gentleman

Welcome to the new old age

Marketing retirement living to a demanding audience

Road and street signs from Florence

The signs of an artistic city

Woman cycling through the park

Two wheels good

Why cycling is good for local economy

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